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How do I unlock the 15th ending I am having issues finding the right option to unlock it.

how do i get ending 3?


I like the gay part I wish there a was a full sex gay game

Also how I unlock ending 4?

Thank goodness, I got ending 16 first, guess I count as sufficiently well-adjusted.

"Buddy, I think you've got the wrong  door. Leather club is two blocks down"


*Furious wrestling noises*


This one was very cute, one of my favorites for sure, hope there are more "Story" installments in the future. <3


I'm glad you enjoyed it! We do indeed have plans for more in the future!

I feel like I did everything, but somehow I missed ending #4.  Any hints on that one?

This one was a bit tougher than we expected! At the very beginning, try offering to help, and then immediately start making fun of her.

Thanks, got it!  100% complete!

How do i get ?

You'll just have to go through every possible choice, based on some of the numbers I'm seeing, it looks like you haven't yet picked at least one significant "reply" (regarding a sauna), and have missed out on a number of endings as a result.